sex, lies, & love !

this is a chris brown fanfiction it is not real, the characters actions are not real . just hope u like my story .

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i will .

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Chapter 17:


"Hi Im Rita!"

CB: “Nice to meet you rita , im chris !”

Rita had this smile that could lite up a dark room. long blonde curls , brown eyes , lightskin , and sexy lips. she kind of looked like jasmine !

Mike: “Yo Chris , we leaving!”

CB: ” IGHT , ill be there!”

i turned and looked back at rita.

CB: “Well ms. Rita , it was nice meeting you. hope we see eachother later!”

Rita: “You too”

she hugged me and walked back to her friends.

i got into the car and bow , mijo , & mike was staring at me.

CB: “What yall niggas looking at?”

Mijo: “Did you get the number?”

CB: “WHAT?” i said trying to be confused.

Bow: “Nigga did you get Rita ora’s number?”

CB: “Oh Naw”

Mike: “Good cause i am!” he said laughing

then we pulled away from the club laughing.


I was reading my book in bed when i heard a knock on my door.

i opened it and it was the asshole from next door.

Jasmine: “YES?” I said sarcasticly

"Sorry bout yesterday ma , i just came over here to introduce myself; my name is keenan but you could call me YG .

Jasmine: “Well nice to meet you KEENAN , im Jasmine!”

YG: “Yeaaaah , nice to meet you too jasmine!” he said laughing

Jasmine: “Well did you want something else?”

YG: “Naw , goodnight pretty lady!”

i said bye and closed the door.

I got back into bed , i was trying to get back to reading but all i could think of was this yg character. he was a rude asshole that likes to play music loud at all types of hours at night. but i liked it!

forevermcfob asked: Keep it coming! Please and Thank you!


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you’ll find out later on :)

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just from chapter 14 .

Chapter 16: the dream .


I woke up to somebody pounding on my door.

Jasmine:”Who is it?”

*No Answer , More Knocks*

I opened the door half shocked, maybe because i was still half sleep i seen chris standing at my door. i Rubbed my eyes and it was still chris……..It was REALLY chris!

Jasmine: “Chris How’d ——————-“

He grabbed the back of my neck and started kissing me passionatly. we stumbled into my apartment still kissing. Chris broke loose and closed the front door then walked back to me and picked me up and put me on the counter. He started kissing along my collar bone and neck. Then he started pulling down my shorts while he was sucking on my neck. Then he took off his jacket and started licking up and down my leg until her reached my thigh. He kissed his way up to my pussy and started kissing and licking and sucking , i was haven again.

I woke up confused, it was dark. i looked at the alarm clock it was 3am. i got up walked around my apartment looking for chris. he was nowhere to be found.

Jasmine: “Fuck, it was a dream!”

Then i Layed back down in my bed & tired to go back to sleep, but i couldnt  cause my neighbor was playing loud music AGAIN ! I got up again but this time i put my slippers on. I walked out of my apartment and knocked on the door.


No Answer


I heard laughing and coughing. I was just about to leave Until i heard someone unlock the door.

Jasmine: “Heyyyy , do you know that theres other people in the apartment building?”

mystery Man: “My bad Ma , Ill turn it down a little!”

Jasmine: “Yeah thanks!”

I walked away.

When i finally gotback into my bed it was already 6am. Fuck i gotta shoot at 7am today, that asshole next door!